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Holiday Elixirs

Discover and explore new and innovative ways to recycle and utilize food waste when crafting at-home drinks for the holiday season

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Home Apothecary Techniques

Winter is fast approaching! Let's spread Good Tidings and CHEER instead of the "Crud".

Toddies and Tea

Zero-Proof Elixirs

Come and relax! Let's chill, unwind, and share some great downtime with each other. We will discuss various tea blends, and great toddy ingredients

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Bitters Workshop

Get ready for a wildcraft journey that features ginger root, cardamom pods, bittering agents, and other botanicals used in creating your own style of bitters and medicinal tinctures.

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Wildcraft Cocktails and Apothecary Elixirs

How about a little virtual education on herbal home remedies in cocktail and elixir form? 

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Mason Jar Mixology

let's hang out with a Mason Jar and muddle, mash, shake, stir, and roll with the Swiss Army Knife of utility glassware and storage.

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The Buzz About Honey Workshop

All things honey right here. This is all about local apiaries and the wellness they create

Coming Soon
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Autumn Equinox Zero Proof Campfire Elixirs

It's time to cozy up to the fire in your favorite camp chair and welcome the flavors of Michigan Autumn in zero-proof elixir fashion!

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Magical Botanicals

The Magical Botanical Mixology Tour is waiting to take you away to a world filled with botanicals and their medicinal uses. 

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Farmstand Elixirs

Each virtual and socially safe distanced outdoor event will feature and spotlight a different local farm. 

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Drink the Wild: Recipes From a Kitchen Witch For the Spirited and Sober Soul

Wildcraft cocktails, apothecary elixirs, medicinal mixology, and agriculture alchemy all await you within.

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Spirits 101:

For Herbalists, Foragers, and Professionals

 Tastes, aromas, history, and the ingredients used in the spirits we use when crafting magic and medicine. You will be guided through a sensory analysis of grains and botanicals, including the grains used in distillation.

Elements of Nature

Elements of Nature Elixirs Workshop: Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, and Metal

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Private Elixir Show

Gather your friends and let the Traveling Elixir Fixer come to YOU!

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